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One of Qwitter's primary design characteristics is flexability. With this in mind, we have made it possible for you to use different collections of event sounds, or soundpacks, to make your tweeting experience as pleasant and productive as possible.

If you have created a soundpack of your own and wish to contribute it, consult the contact page linked to from the navigation menu and poke one of the staff on Twitter about getting it hosted here!


Simply download the linked-to file and unzip it to your program files\qwitter\sounds directory, then select your new soundpack in the configuration dialog, control+windows+o. For more information, consult the readme!

List of soundpacks

Displaying 79 soundpacks:

Pack Author Description Size Number of Downloads
Borris That thing over there 0.56MB. 1654
For The Birds A salute to birds of many species. 1.01MB. 1834
Animatweet 0.27MB. 1267
Star Trek A collection of sounds that will turn your everyday tweeting experience into time on the bridge of a starship. 1.02MB. 1884
Me So Horny get your mind out of the gutter. Horns of all types. Cars, Fog horns,toy trains, trucks, etc. 0.24MB. 1189
Animalism a collection of cute animals, domesticated and wild. 0.71MB. 1373
Magic Chimes a collection of windchimes and music boxes, a peaceful comforting soundpack with a hint of magic. 5.00MB. 3530
Bells on your Toes Hearing bells? Not your imagination. Not only do you get the tweets but you get the bell with it. 3.18MB. 1422
Stay Tooned! Turn Qwitter into the world's biggest TweetToon. Variety of fun Cartoon sounds. 1.19MB. 1277
Tweet Yourself Horse! A soundpack showing the unbridled joy of Tweeting in this salute to horses. 1.81MB. 1071
Twitter Farm Old MacDonald has nothing on us as you turn Qwitter into a virtual barnyard with this bevy of Bovines, bock-bock-bockers, and other barnyard beasties both animal and mechanical. 1.69MB. 1072
Star Trek The Original Series Sounds from the Trek series that started it all. 1.70MB. 1265
Qwitter Talks Back Arthur from the tick, Yakko warner, mighty max and the mask are just some of the characters you'll find in this soundpack comprised of Various cartoon quotes all from characters voiced by Rob Paulsen. 2.41MB. 1103
Babylove Goo Goo Get a diaperful of cute sounds for baby lovers in the Qwittter soundpack. 1.91MB. 1217
Bottoms Up! Lift up your glasses and fall on your, computer chair as we celebrate the joys of imbibing in this soundpack for Qwitter. 2.69MB. 1218
Tweet Voyager This sound pack includes several unique event sounds to keep your Qwitter experience alive. The sounds are strictly related to space, so enjoy! 3.69MB. 1398
Star Craft: the soundpack Here are just some of the sounds from the action-packed game, where you take command of the Protoss, the Terrans or the Zerg in a desperate galactic struggle, which massively revolutionized the scifi strategy gaming sceen. (three-in-one!) 1.74MB. 1167
Tron Sounds taken from the movie Tron. 2.66MB. 970
Super Mario Brothers A soundpack based off of the sounds of this immortally popular video game. 0.02MB. 1381
Sonic Tweet along with some of your favorite FX from this classic game series. My answer to Super Mario Brothers. 0.58MB. 1037
stargate This is a soundpack based on Stargate sounds. Hope it helps to make qwitter experience nicer. 2.58MB. 981
Messaging with Qwitter Sounds taken from IM clients. 0.57MB. 1264
Nickoomba's Arcadium All the fun of the classic arcade, without the quarters! GO SOCIALIZED GAMING! 0.12MB. 4
Tweeter of the Pack Make varhrhrhrhrhrhrooom in your Qwitter sounds folder for this salute to Motor Bikes. 2.27MB. 828
I Broke It! Having a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang sort of day? Blow those frustrations out the door with this cacophony of clangs, crashes and other explosive noises. 1.17MB. 1017
Freedom Tweet! My sound pack based off of the Freedom Chat IRC Client. 0.81MB. 947
Q-Bert Tweets Flash back to 1982 and enjoy the sounds of Q-bert, the Gottlieb arcade game. Yes I did mess with a few sounds but they are authentic. 1.44MB. 731
Nickoomba Luvs Genie! Enchant your tweets as you help me pay tribute to this unforgetable Disney character. 0.51MB. 675
Michael Jackson What better way to pay tribute to the King of Pop than to add him to your Qwitter! 2.20MB. 944
Entombed Wander the dungeon on twitter with 11 of the Entombed sound bites. 2.78MB. 1135
the world of clocks This sound pack is one of magical clock sounds, lush sounding chimes, and mechannical mayhem! 12.95MB. 1997
Talkbox This is a talkbox soundpack for Twitter that I did today for Qwitter. Some of it I did using a talkbox with a Yamaha dx27 and a Rocktron Banshee, and other parts are taken from songs by Roger Troutman, and Zapp. 3.37MB. 981
Sound RTS Peasant dying wood-chopping fun from that mother of real time strategy games, Sound RTS. 1.23MB. 780
Go Tweeting! Back by popular demand, this is one of the soundpacks that was originally packaged with Qwitter. 2.11MB. 1508
Ringydingy 1.85MB. 909
TrekTwit This sound pack is designed for the star trek fan in mind; from blips to bleeps to clicks, this sound pack will keep you on your toes and having a great Twitter experience. 0.96MB. 884
Beatles Fab Four sounds for Qwitter. 3.23MB. 1028
Lost in Space These are the sounds from the 1960s TV show Lost in space. 3.22MB. 653
the Three Stooges This pack is made up from the sounds from the 1930s shorts from the slapstick comedy team of the three stooges. 1.35MB. 713
Wild Wild West hear all the sounds as though you were in the wild wild west. Gun shots coyotes and more. 3.07MB. 832
Miriani From ship combat to a lazy day on the communicator, you will catch a glimpse of the popular Miriani moo with this soundpack. 5.58MB. 1021
Alter aeon From good old hand to hand combat, or that private conversation with a special friend, you will hear it all with this soundpack based on the classic Alter Aeon mud. 2.39MB. 657
World of Wind Chimes Do you love the sound of chimes on a breezy day? Then this pack is for you, featuring all kinds of soft wind chimes, from high to low, metallic and wooden chimes, this pack will add a touch of melodious magic to your Twitter experience. 2.89MB. 1221
Guitars Rock Turn your qwitter client into a collection of fine electric guitars., the perfect soundpack for the moshpit lover. 1.02MB. 737
Talbox 2 This is another soundpack using the talkbox stuff. The sounds are a bit quieter in this one. 2.27MB. 592
supertux2 Sounds were taken from the open source game Supertux2 found at: http://supertux.sourceforge.net/. 0.44MB. 546
Money You might want to use this pack when you fallen on hard times. Enjoy the jingling of coins and the dings of cash registering as you tweet along. 3.62MB. 906
Mushroom FM sounds from the home of the fun guys, Mushroom FM 4.01MB. 678
Carpenters2 Sounds from Richard and Karen Carpenter 4.20MB. 697
Carpenters1 How about ading some cool sound to your Qwitter with the help of the Carpenters! 5.04MB. 674
Metal Soundpack Fans of the metal genre will find enjoyment in the entencity this soundpack has to offer. From driving double kick, to low growling guitars, to that craved metal vocal scream, your sure to never miss anything going in your subscription to twitterland. 1.35MB. 727
What a Tool This is my salute to tools! you will think you are at a construction site with all the sounds you will hear. Complete with the sounds of saws, grinders, drills, hammers, and a few more tools, you can truly have your own tool time! Tim Allen would be proud!! 2.37MB. 569
Mamma Mia! (The Movie Soundtrack) Featuring Amanda Seyfried An imalgamation of your favourite clips from the fantastic mamma mia sound track, they all mean something, so get listening!! http://www.bavis.co.uk 14.17MB. 902
Tealy On Twitter Have you ever wished you had a house elf of your own? Well, meet Tealy, your personal Twitter elf. She may not do your housework, but she will deliver Tweets for you, and take yours wherever you say! She even likes doing it! 2.85MB. 717
Hinky on Twitter You might have met Tealy, the Twitter elf, now meet her boyfriend Hinky. Hinky took this job under protest, and much prefers his favourite passtimes of beer and baseball, but he just might get your tweets to the right places for you, and will certainly give you a chuckle while he is doing it. 3.26MB. 623
Windows Clasic sounds This soundpack brings the clasic sounds of windows 98 and XP to qwitter. 0.77MB. 725
AndreQwitterSounds Onj's quiet sounds enable you to tweet but not be destracted whether at home or at work. 0.42MB. 945
Metroid sound pack From the Classic Nintendo entertainment system game done in 1986. Now you can have Metroid sound be a part of your qwitter experience. 0.43MB. 549
Knight Rider From the popular tv show starring David Hasselhoff and his super state of the art car K.i.t.t. You can now have Kitt talk to you and hear a few of the theme songs. 3.71MB. 566
The Legend of Zelda 2 the adventures of Link From the 1988 Nintendo game and the continuation of Zelda adventures, You can now have Zelda 2 be a part of the Twitter experience. Fight villains as you tweet or put your name in to the twitter universe with this sound pack. 0.04MB. 408
K.a.r.r. In Knight Rider, this stood for, The Knight automated roving robot. K.a.r.r. was built the same way that K.i.t.t. was except K.a.r.r had one flaw in his programming. Self-preservation. This sound pack mixes Peter Cullen and the late Paul Freeze's voices together from Season 1 and season 3 together. You have K.i.t.t. from Knight Rider, now have K.a.r.r. from the same original 80s tv show. 0.83MB. 531
Michael Jackson 2 This is another Michael Jackson sound pack that I happen to come up with. I also had a friends help on suggestions for sounds. In this sound pack, you will hear clips of songs you may never have heard before. You will also hear classic clips of songs to. Tell me what ya think. 4.61MB. 420
Doggy Woggle Enhance your Qwitter experience with the strangely named but fun soundpack of friendly canines. 1.92MB. 532
Qwitter Kitties Enhance your Qwitter experience with the natural sounds of your feline furry friends. 1.44MB. 684
The Open Mouth Project Sounds for this soundpack have been produced using only my own mouth. Enjoy! 1.22MB. 409
The sounds of war Just load this in and before you know it you will be in the middle of a batttle field. The standard event sounds such as incoming twitters will quietly rumble away in the background, but the more you interact with those you follow, the louder the bangs get. Enjoy, and keep your head down. 2.87MB. 552
iPhonize your twitter experience with your voice over and iPhone sounds! Voice over alerts, clicks, and bubbles for your qwitter program. 0.00MB. 1974
Galiga As an Arcade classic and later brought to the Nintendo entertainment system, this brought old and new school gamers alike. Go back in to time with this classic soundpack called Galiga and kill all those space monsters. Maybe you might get a musical mention or reply, maybe even a DM. 0.12MB. 394
All Aboard Are you a train lover? This soundpack is for you. Complete with whistles, Track noises, and the classic all aboard call, you can now ride the train 24 7, or whenever you desire. Best of all, no waiting in line to get a ticket. Keep on Chuggin! 4.41MB. 447
Changeling Ever wonder just what makes that changeling you follow tick? Get a look into its mind with this very random soundpack, featuring sounds from audio games, scifi sounds, etc. 0.38MB. 319
The Colossal of sounds Tired of not enough memories? 2.41MB. 329
The Flintstones For those who really enjoyed the cartoons you will like this one! 0.29MB. 344
Robots This is for those who like robots. 1.01MB. 359
Baseball This sound pack has great baseball sounds to get you geared up for the season! 0.25MB. 333
Private Pianist A pianist sits beside you and reports whatever happens on your favourite Twitter client. It is all been done on a real acoustic piano. 2.38MB. 522
The Legend of Zelda A Link to the past This is the Legend of Zelda a Link to the past from the Super Nintendo. 0.40MB. 277
Worms Have yourself a little game of classic Worms Armagedon/World Party during every day tweeting. This one brings back memories. 0.26MB. 292
BLACKBERRY For those that like BLACKBERRY sounds. 1.05MB. 442
lea salonga Experience Tony award winning Filipino Lea Salonga on qwitter through this sound, on concert, Broadway musicals and even tracts from her singles up to Disney alboms. Enjoy friends on twitterland. 3.65MB. 201